July 2020, Detroit, USA

Half the week I'm cofounder of Dash Marshall, where I lead our civic futures work and make experiments like the very slow movie player.

The other half of the week I am founding Director of the Urban Technology program at University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Previously I've helped develop Makeshift Society Brooklyn, Helsinki Design Lab, and a web 1.0 startup called Deepleap.

I serve on the Board of Directors at Public Policy Lab and am always on the lookout for more #eaglepants (these are unrelated.)

We can stay in touch via Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium or telepathy.

Books I've Written or Edited

Design for Social Innovation: Case Studies from Around the World 2021 takes the temperature of this newly-emerged field of design by presenting and analyzing 45 projects. In addition to the case studies, 7 roundtable discussions tackle contemporary issues in design: geographies of power, trajectories of international development, organizing the work, partnerships, mediums of change, measuring impact, and growth. LEAP Dialogues: Career Pathways in
Design for Social Innovation
2016 features contributions from 84 designers, educators and thought-leaders from across the United States, each examining how and why the role of design is changing and how designers can create a positive social impact.
Legible Practices 2013 is about concrete projects that act as a trojan horse to create systemic change. This book tells the story of six projects from around the globe, ranging from the rebuilding of a town in Chile to the creation of a single website for all of the UK Government. Brickstarter 2013 focuses on how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are playing out in the built environment and includes a proposal for how they could become the starting point for a platform that helps all people have a productive voice in shaping the city together. Helsinki Street Eats 2012 takes a systems-view of the problems and opportunities for street food in Helsinki. It makes the case that street food can make a positive contribution to economic development, tourism, urban quality, and lowering the city's carbon footprint. In Studio: Recipes for Systemic Change 2011 documents the Studio Model, a workshop format and design process that I developed with my co-authors to help diverse teams grapple with wicked problems and develop opportunities for tangible action.

Other stuff I've written that people have published on paper

Assembling a Common World The Alpine Review no. 2 2013 Clearing The Cowshed Perspecta 46: Error 2013 A Tale of Two Hearts Helsinki Beyond Dreams 2012 Optimistic About Empty CLOG: The National Mall 2012 In The Long Run Volume 27 2011 Navigating the No-Man's Land OK Talk London/Helsinki 2011 Learning From Salinas (Hopefully) [Bracket] 2010 Building a Useful City of Bits Habitar: Bending the Urban Frame 2010

Relevant blog posts from a neglected blog

Matter Battle is an essay about the difference between making digital things and real things. Cultures of Decision Making takes this a step further to explore the implications for collaboration in the 21st century. Brute Force Architecture interrogates the decision-making process by which architects find the 'right answer.' It critiques a specific configuration of theory, practice, and labor popular in many of the top architecture offices around the world today. An ode to tables, and sharing them. Print at home "I voted" stickers for overseas absentee voters. And one, two, three contemplative posts about life as an ex-pat in Finland.

Interviews, citations, and the like

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