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Break it on Down 05/31/00 "So I have two categories of things to discuss... General and Specific...." Heh. All day meetings are fun for the whole family, or at least productive.
"Overalls Killed My Baby." 05/24/00 What I hate, what I absolutely hate, is arguing for (good) user experience. Not because I don't think it's worth arguing for (because I do) and not even because I don't like arguing (because I do... usually), but because it's dead. User Experience loses to marketing because marketing says so. Why does marketing have such strength of will? Can we move on already?

The fact of the matter is that a large part of what makes design Design is working within constraints. Sometimes those constraints are functional, sometimes physical, sometimes conceptual, and the whims of marketing/bizdev are no different. Good Design solves problems in the most elegant way possible. Good Design turns constraints against themselves to forge advantages. Good Designers know when to argue and when to educate so that they are given the opportunity to work within reasonable constraints.
Taglines 05/23/00 23:17:22 nayrbreyob: look, lets just get a fucking tagline figured out, ok?
YAM 05/23/00 You know you've lost it when the phrase "schedule Yet Another Meeting" (with caps intact) slips into your everyday vocabulary.
Speaker Phone 05/19/00 We had a meeting with Tempy patched in over speakerphone today, or yesterday or... There's something about speaker phone, it makes every word sound more critical. If there were ever a play written about the world of web business the dramatic climax would be carried out over speaker phone. Or no, maybe the first peak, the part where Our Hero finds out he has been screwed by a competetior and then falls on the floor crying-- sad news delivered via outloud carrier. Either way, speaker phone is some weird stuff.
Office Supplies 05/18/00 What is it about office supplies? Why do people love office supplies? I have 5 things of tape in my top drawer and I don't even have a phone on my desk!
Not Difficult, Impossible 05/17/00 Sometimes when we get stuck on a coding problem ben and I remind each other, "this isnt mission difficult, Mr. Brown, this is Mission Impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you." And then we feel really cheesy and stupid.
Ducks, Ducks, Ducks 05/16/00 Got them all lined up, now we need to knock them down.
Broken This, Broken That 05/15/00 I get really pissy when my computers don't work. My computers don't work.
Lead 05/11/00 Mechanical pencils make paper prototyping fun.
Out of the Office 05/9/00 Hrmm, I think I'll just work from home tonight. Ohh, wait...
ahhhhh! 05/8/00 What was I thinking?
Employee #1!! 05/4/00 Employee #1 all lined up. For the summer, at least. Employee #2's offer letter is almost out the door.
Employee #1 05/3/00 "If we hire someone we're going to need a bigger car." Dinner at Huts. I think Guero's is the Offical Deepleap Restaurant, though Jo's for lunch is a close contender.
Cable Modem Madness 05/02/00 Latency, Security, Speed, you name it: cable sucks. But we don't have much of a choice. At the new "office" we'll be running off of cable for a while.
Sleep/work ratio 05/01/00 Having a car (and thus a permanent ride home) has allowed me to get much more sleep, but I am now much less productive. I think I liked productivity more than mobility.