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Loving You 03/31/00 Because you are code that works on all browsers and all platforms. Hating you, because you are code that works, but works differently on all platforms. 20 hours and counting!
Inside Jokes 03/30/00 Salsa Shark.
"Man goes into cage."
"Cage goes into salsa."
"Sharks in the salsa."
"Salsa Shark."
The humor will never end.
Rut II 03/29/00 Exactly 10 days ago I was starting on this project. I estimated it would take me 3 days. I am still not done yet. I am still not half way there yet.
Funds 03/26/00 Lane leaves today for a fund raising trip to NYC. Good luck, Lane.
Execution 03/26/00 Having problems executing. Monday is the deadline we set for the new product UI but it just isn't happening. I have one more day. I really hate missing deadlines.
Super Neat 03/25/00 Phrase lane just used in a business call: "Super Neat".
Saddle Up 03/22/00 Ok, anyway you look at this it's just damn funny. (Sensitive Eyes should go elsewhere)
Toast 03/22/00 At dinner tonight-- an offical sort of dinner-- I gave the toast: "To ink, because with ink our checks will be signed and to us because we are rockstars."
Ill Communication 03/21/00 Equation for bad mojo: people zipping off to a meeting with VCs + server death + admin on the way to the Alamo + maybe I can do something = people get pissed if changes aren't made right away. Lesson learned: be very explicit about what steps you are going to take to fix a problem. The knowledge calms everyone's nerves.
Saturation 03/20/00 Pulling up to the stoplight at Congress and 7th I saw a deepleap sticker on the car in front of me. I didn't know the people in the car.
Office Space 03/20/00 We looked at an amazing wherehouse space today. 6-8 week move-in time but an awesome rate. Looks like it's our #1 pick. The best part: our conference room might be in an old vault!
Rut 03/19/00 I've been working on my personal projects lately. The pathetic part is that it's just a big ploy to keep from starting the next product revision. Taking the first step of any big task is always the hardest for me, but after that the project zips right along.
Who You Know 03/17/00 Forgive the horribly 80s terminology but what matters is your rolodex.
Party People 03/16/00 It's kind of amazing what a party does for you as a company. Looks like we have a New York gig and a little something in SF in the works also.
Panel 03/12/00 I was on the startup panel as part of SXSW which was awesome. Eric Hellweg did a great job of moderating, the panelists gave good advice all around, and the audience provided some interesting questions to work with. More here.
Schmooze 03/11/00 Remembering names helps, so does being confident. Owen says "thems are [schmoozing] shoes."
Party 03/11/00 Everyone we wanted to be there was there, and even a few we didn't invite. It's kind of suprising how much a party and some stickers can do to spread the word. Jim Bishop's autographs might have had something to do with that.
Clippings 03/11/00 Short, boring, and funny: "These five twentysomethings, who make up DeepLeap's staff, look more like they belong in a high school science contest rather than at a venture capital conference." Oh, and Lane was TV for a minute or so.
VC Conference 03/10/00 So, Lane presented for deepleap as #2 out of 12. Going into this we thought that the position was coindicental, but as it turns out #2 means we were the runner-up pick. Rock out! It wen't well and we seemed to have made a lot of connections.
Schwag 03/7/00 At about 6:00pm the UPS truck pulled up outside the office and everyone went running outside. Yes, we were that excited to get out stickers.
Broke 03/7/00 It's a required part of the experience: I'm now offically broke. Good thing we're paying ourselves wonderful salaries... ohh... wait. Well, at least I own part of this thing.
Secrets 03/6/00 The best thing about working at deepleap: We have cool secret code names for our projects. Project Shimmy-Sham was a success, project Zappo is coming along nicely, and next work begins on project KillYourTV.
Ouchie 03/5/00 Hey cool, my headache is pulsing to the beat of the music playing in the office right now. There is no time for sick breaks.
Nobody 03/4/00 It kind of sucks that regardless of the fact that I am skilled, one of the inventors of the technology, and an integral part of the team my name still means nothing on paper. The management team is "several former employees from deja and cais." Business people are weird.