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Daily Pick 06/29/00 Thanks, Yahoo!
History Lessons 06/29/00 We have an internal site used for posting notices and status updates, but you know what it's really useful for? Company history. Thanks to the blogger we have a backlog of every major (and minor) milestone or code update that we've made, as well as important business meetings and their outcomes.
No Dinner Till Deadline 06/28/00 Trying to launch new features is a hassle. Someone always craps out. At any given time there is one member of our small company who is too tired, too headachey, too not-here, or too anything to get the launch out the door. Ohh and me, I'm loads of fun to be around when deadlines are slipping. Let me tell you. In the end it's ok though, we still get the good stuff out the door piping hot for you, our lovely users.
Apple Pie 06/25/00
nayrbreyob (5:28 AM): did you see saving private ryan?
skampgirl (5:28 AM): nope.
nayrbreyob (5:28 AM): hrmm
nayrbreyob (5:28 AM): well
nayrbreyob (5:29 AM): in the first scene there're all these soldier in a boat and they're storming normandy and they have no clue what to expect on the shore
nayrbreyob (5:29 AM): and they're just motoring along
nayrbreyob (5:30 AM): and when they hit the shore and the gate opens and they all go rushing out they have no clue what they're going to find... bullets? enemies? friendlies? probably enemies, but where? when?... but I feel like right now we're on that damned boat... motoring along and not knowing what to expect in the next moment.
nayrbreyob (5:30 AM): hopefully not enemies or bullets...
skampgirl (5:30 AM): hopefully apple pie.

Hopefully Apple Pie.
Free Soda 06/25/00 If companies were people, Jason, startups would be needy orphans. Today I went with someone who will remain unnamed to his employer's corporate offices (the company will also remain unnnamed) and "borrowed" some beverages from their kitchen which is conveniently stocked with free soda. Mmmmmmm.... Soda.....
Dreaming 06/25/00 "You'd be dreaming if you didn't think I lay awake every night worrying about that."
"Weekends off" 06/24/00 "I told you, not on weekends!"
Editor's note: this month I was both very busy and very slack in keeping up this site. Below is a vaguley chronological list of some of my thoughts, sorry for the lack of dates & titles.
Ulala, "laser eyes," and "sucking on toes." Ahhh the lyrical insanity in this office lately.
Adam & his father:
"How are they going to make money?"
"It makes connections between sites and people and information and and and..."
"But it's just google!"
One page of things to finish up, two pages, three pages, four pages. Four pages of changes to be made each crossed out. I almost feel bad throwing them out now, they've been my life for the past three days. OK, that's scary pathetic.
"Make your own spork" - Judith
"Would you stop spitting cows at me?" -ben
"What kind of a freak has an empty cat?" -adam
Answers are like pringles, you cant have just one.
Phases of Bryan's development cycle: initial burst of productivity, short slack period, very brief productivity burst, really long slack period, depression because of guilt for slacking, anger because of slacking and depression about slacking, breakthrough, white-hot productivity, burn out after sustaining high productivity, brief burst of productivity (for bug fixes!), recovery.
Napster breaks are saving my life. If I cant get work done at least I can entertain myself with (usually bad) ephemeral music.
Title on the Deepleap, Inc. 'intranet': "Deepleap, Inc. Rocks your Farking Socks Off."
"I pay for more than my share of the house so that I have leverage. I mean, I pay for half of it, and I only actually have about a quarter of it."
"Bryan, you dont even have that."
"Yeah, well, I guess my desk is in my room."

But the commute is short...
"Perl doesn't do that."
Usually on mondays we go to Guero's for lunch. Not because it's monday, or for any reason in particular but that's where we end up. It's easy. I order chicken enchiladas verde.
Working at a tech company is odd because there's this whole issue of tangible product.
I used to go to Philadelphia, PA to get my hair cut, these days I've been considering the clippers in my bathroom. So. Much. Work.
So you have all these things you want to do, you call it V2, you decide how long it will take to complete, and then you figure out something else in the interim.
Before, my problem was that I could only save my changes in photoshop 1 out of three times. Now after installing a 4g ig drive with plenty of room for scratch disks my problem is that I have to choose between photoshop or Netscape.
Cable modems suck.
From a (wonderful) Harper's article entitled "Let's Go: Sillicon Valley!" by Dennis Cass:
One pathetic: "The idea that work is play is one of the most integral parts of Silicon Valley mythology."

And one insightful: "'Creative people are good at creating surprises,' [David Hecht] says, slurring his speech out of a shyness. 'And it doesn't matter if you're creating with a brush or with equations.'"
Jeff Bezos in a July 2000 Wired interview: "Well, people think communication is good. But communication is not a fundamental good-- it's a necessary evil. The goal in organizing a company should be to reduce the amount of communication needed. Every minute spent communicating with your peers inside a company is a minute not spent improving the customer's experience. Thsi is a hard thing to explain, and people get it wrong all the time. The reason communication ends up being increadibly important is that it's impossible to organize perfectly inside a company-- so you need a ton of communication to compensate for the imperfections inherent in organizational structure."

"You can tell where organizational structure is broken by looking at where the most communication is happening."

I haven't decided how much I agree with this yet. I think I agree with it, but I am unsure to what extent. Also interesting:

"A strong planning process is actually very empowering and allows for decentralization because everybody is moving in the same direction."