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Health Insurance 04/28/00 I ordered mine today, in Lead. I've never seen one in any color besides black, so it will be a surprise. This is much more sexy than an HMO.
Fallen 04/26/00 The sound of a machine crashing in the Deepleap office: first the victim yells "ohh crap!", then the sound of the machine itself rebooting, then the sound of three doors closing as the AIM clients in the office realize that a friend has fallen.
Getting Ahead of Yourself 04/25/00 You have to be careful when implementing new features. Sometimes they expose other, ickier problems which take twice as much work to fix.
Need for Speed 04/24/00 Optimize, optimize, optimize. Which mostly just means shorten, shorten, shorten.
Bug Fixes 04/21/00 The trick is to divide things into such small chunks that even the slightest change seems like progress. That way you don't get bogged down. Now if I could get my self to believe that...
Words for Success 04/20/00 Ramp-up (need to do it), scalability (built with it in mind, duh), extensibility (already in place, of course), value proposition (needs to jell), value add (we're all about it), retention (our biggest strength), open (yep), user ownership (not like you think), XML (hahahahahaha, had to throw that in).
Meetings, Meetings 04/20/00 "You have nice shoes, you too, woah, you all have nice shoes." Wow them with style, then slip a contract in there to secure the deal. Works every time. If only.
On The Spot 04/19/00 Sitting there cold and almost shivering I tried to give answers as well as I could. Talking to people who know what they're doing is very encouraging. Not that I, or we, don't know what we're doing, just that some people are really on the ball. I sat there thinking "have we bitten off too much?"
VC 04/18/00 "You're going to have to prove it." So that's what we're doing.
Offices 04/17/00 We visited some other, more established companies in SF. They have nice offices and nice chairs, but I think we have more fun. Key to SOMA office: light. Mmmmmm light.
Public Beta 04/15/00 We released a beta and it's rough around the edges. We know this. We also know that it's virtually impossible to wait until your product is complete before shipping. The internet timeframe has necessitated public betas.
Comment 04/14/00 It's nice to have it out, and it's nice to have comments, but damn it makes it hard to concentrate on bug fixes. Everyone has awesome comments but seem to want the features which present us with the largest challenges-- not that that's a bad thing-- I just hope people are patient in the interim. It's so nice to have this out.
Launched. Finally. 04/14/00 Having just released the site (and app) to the world and having just watched the first person log on and get started, I can't help but think that the first IP is our digital equivalent of the first dollar.
Puke 04/13/00 Of course we didn't launch yesterday. It's great, you access java through javascript on an ssl server using a pc and life is lovely. You access java through javascript on an ssl server using a mac and life turns into to hell, by which I mean it unconditionally crashes your browser. Oh, did I mention that ie5 doesn't like our ssl server either? Unix netscape works fine. Don't you just love browsers?
coe-what?! 04/12/00
17:03:34 flabjab: 10 wopping percent done!
17:03:35 nayrbreyob: heh. ok dude.
17:03:39 nayrbreyob: heh
17:03:40 flabjab: oo oo! 11!
17:03:46 flabjab: this is a lot of coed
17:03:50 nayrbreyob: yes
17:03:54 nayrbreyob: superstar code.
17:03:57 flabjab: whoa! no. that chick in playboy was a lot of coed
17:03:59 flabjab: this is a lot of code.
Deliver 04/12/00 Deliver. Deliver. Deliver on time. Launch. Launch. Launch on time.
SHUT UP 04/7/00 No matter how well one sleeps, there are some things that just can't be slept through. It's a global conspiracy to keep my eyes as dried out as possible, I know it is.
Pay To The Order Of 04/6/00 Check #1002 is written out, signed, and has my name on it. w00p!
Learn This Now 04/3/00 The big buzzword, it would seem, is Due Dilligence.
Targeted 04/3/00 Remember that scene in Star Wars where they're making the final run on the Death Star and as gun turrets are firing volleys at Luke and the gang? The one where someone (Dack maybe?) keeps saying "Stay on target, stay... on... target..." as they get closer and closer to the ventilation duct? Well that's us right now, a few weeks from launch, we're doing all we can to stay on target.
Dreams 04/2/00 Last night I dreamn't that one of our competitors beat us to market with some of the nifty deepleap features. And then some woman kept telling ben that he had a "12lb. chin" so the whole thing was very weird.
Loose Ends 04/1/00 Preping for launch (of a new alpha, don't get too excited) is always very tedious. No matter how many lists you make and how many times you check those lists it seems as though something always happens. There are always kinks.
The Lovely FLoor 04/1/00
"Did you sleep well on the floor?"
"Yes. I think I'd sleep well anywhere after three days."