MY STARTUP LIFE-- or lack thereof
what happens when life ends and work begins    
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One day Lane and I were in the MOMA bookstore talking about stuff, just lots of stuff. Eventually we came upon this idea for a web app that wasn't (then) offered. By the time we got around to researching it the idea had spread all over the internet and was probably one of the most popular ecommerce site addition this holiday season: wishlists. So that was a dead idea.

Now we have a new one, and Ben is in on it too. Actually, it's an old one, and it's something then Ben and I have been working on for a while, except much better and much different. I'd tell you what the idea is but I think I would be gunned down so you're just going to have to wait. If you come to SXSW maybe you can come to our party, maybe. I will say this: if we pull it off, our little project is going to quite nifty.

This little section of is my little attempt to document the life of a startup as a company through the eyes of a founder, a worker, and an emotive being.

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