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02.02.07 Nintendo News Network? In 1996 I was addicted to my screensaver. It ran as a series of transitions between novel content played at a pleasing rate; like most screensavers there was always something new to look at. This was different because the new was new, through the magic (hype?) of 'push' the screensaver,... more

07.14.06 Summer Begins Having never lived in New York City before and only rarely visited during the summer months, it's a new life here that I've already settled into. It's a summer of wheatberries, popsicles, shaded sidewalks, and sunburns. Working in the western fringes of SOHO and living deep within the gentrified carcass... more

03.15.06 Vermont, One Year Out Loggers sit in a valley at the center of town. A pit, really, with a river running swiftly through-- maybe the fastest thing in town. There's a bar or two and a 'fancy' restaurant but nothing looks that busy. The cafe is staffed by girls with things in their hair... more

02.12.06 A Brief Guide To Visiting the Igualada Cemetery and Other Projects As Boston's snowfall slowly turns everything outside into a parody of itself, as the syntax of curb and street fade into a single plane, what better time to recall the climate and company of a recent, wonderful trip to Barcelona. It's a hard city to peg for just one vice.... more

01.21.06 Eatng and Working in London, if Briefly Note: I was in London so this is now three months old. Oops. This trip was made possible by a fellowship and accompanying grant offered by the Soane Foundation based in New York, NY. I offer my thanks to both the Soane Foundation, the Soane Museum in London, and the... more

12.29.05 Gregory A. Carafelli: In The Making Note: Gregory hosted my website for many years before I recently moved it to another host. It's fitting, then, that the first post for this site at its new home is dedicated to him. Consider this an un-requested introduction to a book of his work not yet published. Photograph by... more

12.28.05 By way of explanation Things are slowly being reinstated. Today there's a new and half functional site. Indyjunior is still here and in desperate need of an update. The export functionality on movabletype is a disaster and so I've lost my archives in their maleable format. Instead they have been quarantined as static pages... more

07.14.05 Correspondance Romano Note: Below is a selection of emails from a summer spent studying at RISD's Palazzo Cenci. For a number of reasons I've been thinking about Rome lately, so absent the ability to visit this summer I've dug up these letters. Upon returning from that trip I summarized my time in... more

06.15.05 A Weekend in San Ardo, CA Elevation: 459 feet above sea level. Population: 501 (+9, briefly). [images lost]... more

04.23.05 Walking Cambridge Last spring I was thinking about the rural existence. At the time I took note of the following: The flaneur is a farmer with different shoes. The wanderer, the walker, the one who experiences the environment around them with glee-- this person exists in a forrest of skyscrapers and town-homes... more

04.07.05 5 Days, 500 miles Of Hilltops and Eyelids Shining through one's eyelids the sun is bright enough to tinge the field of vision a bloody orange which forces the brain to overcompensate and cast the world into a faint but opposite blue. One awakes with these alien eyes in a slightly different world,... more

02.26.05 Hisorhi Ishii on Ambient Interfaces Having waived out of the Digital Media class, I'm taking Toshiko Mori's Innovations in Structures as an elective this semester. The class is set up as a series of guest lectures to increase the dialog between architects and engineers. According to Mori, this class is, in some respects, a continuation... more

02.20.05 The Space/Time of Coffee Note: This was originally posted with images which were subsequently lost. They will eventually be re-instated. Illy Coffee and Domus Magazine co-sponsored a competition encouraging designers to think about the new ways of enjoying an coffee. "It is meant as an opportunity to discuss the presence of "Break-spaces and dialogue"... more

02.14.05 Baroque Ghosts Note: This was originally posted with images which were subsequently lost. They will eventually be re-instated. I've always found programming satisfying because it's essentially a problem solving activity. Flash is one thing, but coding in a 3D program is much more exciting. Most contemporary 3D software packages have some kind... more

02.02.05 Steve Reich, Jeremy Hollister, Coldcut Note: Unfortunately, the video file discussed here was lost in a recent site update. Tonight I came across my copy of Gasbook 9 - Insect and sat down to watch a few of the pieces on the DVD. This video by Jeremy Hollister has always been my favorite on the... more

01.04.05 One Bag Lighter One of the things I take pride in is being effecient at packing for travel. In the past few years I've honed my travel gear down to minimum effective levels and established a rigorous method of packing everything. It took a three-continent quest but I've finally acquired the perfect set... more

01.01.05 This Is The New Year On the loose in Los Angeles but back to the glories of New England soon enough.... more