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What is it?

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IndyJunior is a fully customizable map which you can use to easily display your geographic location. Joshua Davis did it first, but we do it with an XML data file and a whole host of configurable options. Feed IndyJunior some latitude and longitude coordinates and you'll be plotting your course like an Indiana Jones movie in no time.

In a world where being thousands of miles away from home is no longer considered odd, I thought it might be nice to be able to track those changes graphically. Where have you been, where are you now, where are you going to be next week? IndyJunior should make answering these questions a little more easy and fun.

How can I use it?

IndyJunior is a Flash application which you can download and use without knowing anything about flash. The app is provided ready to include in your web page without ever needing to own or use Flash MX.

The download includes a configuration page which will help you get the look you want and then all you have to do is copy/paste the code into your html. The last step is to create an XML file of your travels. Since the data is kept in a separate file it's easy to update.

Futher instructions are available in the manual.

Do I have to pay for it?

IndyJunior is $5 for personal uses. However, if you would like to use IndyJunior for a For-Profit venture the fee is-- at our discretion-- $150. Hopefully this isn't so much that it will prohibit people who would like to use it from doing so. All proceeds from this application will be used to fund my life as an architecture student at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. Custom versions of IndyJunior are available. If you are interested in a custom version please contact me at the email address above. Please use the amazon link above or send payment to paypal [at] bryanboyer.com

What does IndyJunior mean?

Haven't you seen the Indiana Jones movies? Remember the travel scenes where the plane flies across the map leaving little dots at each stop? As for the junior part, "IndyMap" just sounds stupid.

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