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February 16, 2004


We're very excited to announce version 1.6 which adds two new features: trans-Pacific routes and node limiting.

Flights that cross the Pacific will now be represented by a line that jumps from the left edge of the map to the right or vice-versa instead of a line that spans the entire map. Ideally we will offer a pacific regional focus mode soon that will center the Pacific ocean in the map view, but this will do until then.

Node limiting makes your XML file easier to deal with. You can keep as many points as you like in the XML but tell IndyJunior to only look at some of them. With node limiting turned on Indy will only read, say, the previous 4 points, the current point, and the next four points. This is a convenient way to focus the map display to immediate data.

Posted at 05:26 AM

January 05, 2004

Verion 1.5 Posted

Changes include a date format option to satisfy, or at least tide over, all the people outside of the US. The other main change is that points and routes are now plotted in a slightly animated fashion. Try it out to see what we mean.

Posted at 05:52 PM

October 24, 2003

1.4 Posted

IndyJunior now features a loading status indicator.

Posted at 02:18 AM

July 14, 2003

1.3.1 Posted

This version includes some very minor changes. Past locations and current locations now display the date similar to the way future locations always have. We've also fixed a bug that was limiting the number of points to 49. You should be able to plot something like 1000 points if your computer can handle it.

Posted at 12:54 AM

June 16, 2003

Version 1.3 posted!

Finally with some free time to work on IndyJunior we've posted version 1.3. This version includes two new feature upgrades. First, you can now zoom in and out. Second, you now have a choice between global, regional, and auto zoom options. The latter will zoom all the way in to display only the points you have plotted. This is great for trans-atlantic, NE USA, and other localized routes.

Posted at 05:05 PM

April 25, 2003


From the description page: Find out where all of your visitors are from, as they pin their location on a map on your Website. Mouse over the icons to see visitors comments, or view the list like a Guestbook. You can even pick your favorite pin icons: people, flowers, pins and more!"

Posted at 10:55 PM

April 23, 2003


This cool world map displays blogpostings in real time as they are posted. Although it doesn't use Indyjunior, it's still pretty neat.

Posted at 04:26 PM

April 14, 2003

Version 1.2.2 Posted

We've been at a wedding all weekend, so only one minor change is included in this release. We added South America as a focus area, which means that if all of your travels are within that continent it should focus appropriately.

Posted at 04:22 AM

April 01, 2003

Feature Wishlist

The current list of to-do items listed more or less in order of importance is as follows:

  • progress bar or some other loading screen

  • include more map data (like state outlines)

  • zoom back in once you've zoomed out

  • more zooming options

Posted at 10:12 AM

Version 1.2.1 Posted

The only change is this package is a modification to the configuration page to make it work better in Safari. Instead of viewing source there is now a button to have the embed tag displayed so you can copy it more easily.

Posted at 02:34 AM


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